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Lindsay Lohan

The life of this star can be divided into 3 stages: Lindsay the T.V commercials star, Lindsay the movie star and, Lindsay the musician. Right from birth you can literally say that Lindsay Dee Lohan was made to be a star, seeing that she was born in 2 July 1986 in the city of New York and started appearing in commercials at the age of three. The most popular commercials she appeared in include Pizza Hut and Jell-o (in which she appeared besides comedian Bill Cosby).

However, for her acting career she had to wait until 1996 where she appeared in the T.V series ‘Another world’. From there, nothing could stop her as she appeared in countless T.V dramas. She was critically acclaimed as one of the best teenage actors of her age.

In 1998, she appeared in her first movie which was titled ‘The Parent Trap’ which earned her awards like the Best Leading Young Actress and Young Star Awards nomination. After acting in a number of movies, she returned to the ‘small screen’ to try career in comedy; however, it was short-lived.

In her acting career, Lindsay Lohan had scenes which required her to sing. Consequently, from teenage she was widely expected to launch her music career. In 2002, she recorded her first album. One of her most popular song today is ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen ’, which as fate would have it, was a soundtrack to a movie by the same title.

However, Lindsay Lohan career has not been without controversies.In 2011, she was ordered by a court to remain at a rehabilitation centre for 3 months after failing drugs tests. She has also been charged and sentenced for 120 days after she was found guilty of stealing a necklace at a jewellery store. This star has appeared in the so-called porn bible ‘playboy magazine’. In the movie ‘Machete’ she appears naked in her scenes. However, she has also used her fame to do good as she was involved in fundraising for the victims of the Haiti Earth Quack Disaster. Today, she remains a target of many 'news-hungry' paparazzi.

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